What African-American LGBT individual do you admire most?

What African-American LGBT individual do you admire most?

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Jade Keller
car detailer | Manayunk
“RuPaul. She’s very witty and has a great sense of humor. RuPaul is funny as hell. And I like her politics. She seems to support all the right causes.”

Colette Marie
yoga instructor | Society Hill
"Wanda Sykes. I love to laugh and she always makes me laugh. She's intelligent, funny and has a spark that's indescribable. I can't say enough about her."

Jane Seu
student | Gayborhood
“Laverne Cox. She’s an excellent role model for the LGBT community. She does great work on screen. She’s very bold [and is] a wonderful advocate for the community.”

Ryan Strockbine
physical-therapy aide | Northeast Philadelphia
“Marsha P. Johnson. She was quite a trailblazer. I heard she threw the first brick at Stonewall. I find that very heroic. We need more trans people like her today.”

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