What do you appreciate most about Philly's LGBT community?

What do you appreciate most about Philly's LGBT community?

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Sacha Downes
student | West Philadelphia
"They're very open-minded about things. I don't like being around closed-minded people. I'm straight. But I get bored easily when there's a lack of diversity. I value my relationships in the LGBT community. I see a lot of togetherness in the community."

Jillian Horowitz
student | Fishtown
“I’ve always enjoyed the LGBT community. I have a lot of LGBT friends. I’ve gone to several of the LGBT clubs in town. I’ve really enjoyed dancing at the clubs.”

Lila Kaplan
meeting planner | Bella Vista
"It's such a vibrant community. I'm thrilled for them. I'm struck by the community's optimism in the midst of such a pessimistic society. And I'm inspired by the creativity in the face of such daunting challenges."

Genesys Lee
dancer | West Philadelphia
"LGBT people have a tendency to lift my spirit. They add splash and panache to life. What would we do without them?"

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