Should ICE be abolished?

Should ICE be abolished?

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Malcolm Burnley
writer | South Philadelphia
"Yes, ICE has many historical problems. It can't be salvaged. There's no way it can regain people's confidence. ICE strikes fear in people and doesn't make our country safer. It needs to be replaced with something more humane."

Ryan Dorey
medical student | South Philadelphia
‘Yes. ICE could be abolished and I wouldn’t miss it at all. I’m not that big on border security. Immigrants do good things for our country. They should be respected. I’m not so sure ICE recognizes that fact.”

Benjamin Henry
carpenter | West Philadelphia
"Yes. ICE is committing crimes against humanity. It's perpetrating government-sanctioned child abuse. That's unacceptable, unethical, immoral and totally against the principles our government was founded upon. I'm all for open borders."

Jeff Pierce
home-care aide | North Philadelphia
"Yes, what they're doing is wrong. We should be valuing immigrants, not criminal-izing them. ICE has to go. It has overstayed its welcome. People should be able to freely enter our country. The country should be ashamed of itself for having ICE."

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