Are Trump-is-gay-for-Putin jokes funny?

Are Trump-is-gay-for-Putin jokes funny?

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Rebekah Horowitz
strategy consultant | South Philadelphia
“No. I think it’s cheap and stupid. As a society, we should be past that. There’s nothing inherently funny or insulting about men being in a same-sex relationship. And there certainly are other ways to mock Trump and Putin.”

David Murter
production manager | Secane
"No. Jokes about sexual preference aren't appropriate at all. It doesn't matter how much you dislike Trump — or anyone. Bringing someone's sexual preference into a joke is never funny."

Daniel Novic
student | South Philadelphia
“No. They should be avoided because it puts LGBT people in a negative light. LGBT people shouldn’t be the brunt of jokes. That’s not something to joke about. I can definitely understand why people would find those jokes offensive.”

Mochi Robinson
musician | South Philadelphia
“Yes, people should lighten up and enjoy themselves. Don’t take shit so seriously. I find satire valuable. It helps us as a society. God knows we need all the help we can get to deal with Trump’s bullshit.”

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