How long should Bill Cosby be incarcerated, if at all?

How long should Bill Cosby be incarcerated, if at all?

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Jerome Cuffee
utility worker | North Philadelphia
"He shouldn't be doing any time in prison. At most, he could be on house arrest. He should have leniency because of his age and infirmity. There are other celebrities accused of the same thing who don't get sent to jail. I believe he was targeted because of his race and financial status."

Angel Dillon
Uber driver | North Philadelphia
“He shouldn’t be incarcerated. I like Bill Cosby. I’ve admired him from an early age. I don’t believe the allegations. Why did his accuser keep going back to him, if she was being drugged and sexually assaulted? Why did she wait so long to report him? His sentence is outrageous.”

Jacque Dowtin
student | Germantown
"Bill Cosby doesn't belong in prison. I think he's innocent. The evidence against him is very weak. And it came out too late.The whole case against him doesn't sound right to me. I just hope he survives in prison."

Nicholas Manocchio
electrician | Grays Ferry
"I agree with a three-year prison sentence for him. But he shouldn't serve the maximum [sentence] of 10 years. I'm open to the possibility that he's guilty. But 10 years in prison would be too harsh. He doesn't have many years left. Hopefully, he'll do everything he's supposed to do in prison and get out in three years."

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