What's your reaction to Brett Kavanaugh now on the Supreme Court?

What's your reaction to Brett Kavanaugh now on the Supreme Court?

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Jeremy Koven
TV/film producer | Queen Village
“I was frustrated and felt it was a sad day for our country. The vote was rushed to get a result that the Republicans wanted. I have some concerns about Justice Kavanaugh’s partisan views. In the long term, his opinions are going to set this country back.”

Brian McNeel
graduate student | Willow Grove
"I'm pretty pessimistic but not sur-prised. The majority of the Senate is comprised of Republicans. They were determined to get Kavanaugh confirmed. We live in such polarized times. Kavanaugh will definitely increase the polarization of this nation."

Cynthia Whybark
visitor-services manager | Gayborhood
“I was devastated. Anyone accused of any kind of crime like that does not belong on the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh will definitely help overturn Roe v. Wade. Anyone with a uterus is at risk. The Senate failed spectacularly in protecting people with uteruses and sexual-assault victims.”

Michael Zoller
investment manager | Rittenhouse Square
“I was disappointed. I don’t think the FBI did a fair investigation. The Republicans were going to push him through, even without a full investigation. There’s enough reason to believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was telling the truth for a full investigation to take place. That didn’t happen, in my opinion.”

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