How did you celebrate Pride this year?

How did you celebrate Pride this year?

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Steven Bryson
He/Him | Girard Estate
“When I got off of work the Odunde Festival was going on, so I walked through that and then met up with two of my friends. It was great to see everyone I hadn’t seen in a while. We went to Tabu eventually — the rooftop, you couldn’t move. That was fun. We just celebrated.”

Sean Mahabee
He/Him | Italian Market
“I went to the parade, and then I went to the festivals afterward. I went to the gay and sober men’s event. We walked around and got a lot of free stuff. It was awesome. I had a great time and got a little tan.

Katarzyna Ploszaj
She/Her | South Philly
“I went to the celebration for a couple of hours. It was my first time back in Philadelphia for 20 years because I just moved back from New York. I got to see a lot of people and reunited with my ex-girlfriend, so it was great.”

Madeleine Richardson Graham
She/Her | South Philly
“I went to the festival, and it was just really happy. I feel like a lot of the recent gatherings in Philly have been people coming out in anger and sadness, and it was just so joyful, seeing everyone dressed up. It was exciting.”

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