What’s your New Year’s resolution?

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

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Kamilah Clarke
HIV-prevention counselor | West Philadelphia
“To buckle down more on my yoga practice. I do it to be centered. It really helps. Also, to pay more attention to my female friends. They live far away and tend to fall by the wayside. But good girlfriends are hard to come by.”

Matthew Laff
sales representative | Westampton, N.J.
“Get my life in order. I’m 18, and I want to join the military. I need to get up earlier, do more physical exercises and improve my diet. And I have to limit fatty foods. No more cheesesteaks!”

Katie Levy
business-development analyst | Washington Square West
“To be more decisive, and to have more faith in the decisions that I make. I’m young and silly, and can’t make up my mind on some things. I moved here from Alaska, and sometimes I second-guess that decision.”

Donald Shorter
dancer | Brooklyn, N.Y.
“To not date emotionally unavailable men. That’s a problem for me on occasion. I want to hone my detecting system to avoid that situation in the future.”

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