What was the top LGBT story of 2008?

What was the top LGBT story of 2008?

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Benjamin North
research assistant | Washington Square West
“The Rick Warren controversy. His selection to speak at the Obama Inaugural was disappointing. I don’t think Rev. Warren needs a national platform. He passes himself off as a mainstream pastor, and he’s not.”

Amy Palmitessa
scientist | South Philadelphia
“The pregnant man. I find it a heartwarming and inspiring story. He [Thomas Beatie] seems like a strong personality, not in it for the attention. Despite the flak he’s getting, he’s managing to maintain his equilibrium.”

William Pierce
insurance broker | Washington Square West
“The passage of Proposition 8. It was unfair. I don’t think voters should have any say over people’s private lives. Legislating morality is wrong. I think [same-sex] marriage rights will be reinstated in California by a new referendum within five years.”

Greg van Brug
graphic designer | Port Richmond
“The ‘Milk’ movie. I didn’t know anything about Harvey Milk until I saw the previews. I think a lot of people didn’t know about it until the movie came out. Yes, I plan on seeing it. I hope it helps the cause [of LGBT rights].”

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