Can Philadelphia support two LGBT film festivals?

Can Philadelphia support two LGBT film festivals?

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student | Center City
"Absolutely. Center City is known for its love of the arts. I have faith that both festivals will be supported. The more art, the better. Have it be accessible to as many people as possible."

printmaker | Center City
"No. The city can barely support one Mummers Parade. A second film festival might dilute the effort to the point of extinction. Keep it to one."

student | Washington Square West
"Yes, I think you'll have people attending both festivals. Just make sure it's well-advertised and you get the word out. The competition might increase the quality of the offerings."

jeweler | South Philadelphia
"No. All effort directed into one event probably would be more productive. Do one big event well and it will be successful. You'll have a better turnout, rather than splitting into two [festivals]."

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