Should private schools be allowed to expel LGBT students?

Should private schools be allowed to expel LGBT students?

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Cassidi Ballou
counter technician | Brookhaven
“Yes. Let the school show its true colors. At least people will see what they’re all about — how completely wrong they are. Then, efforts can be made to have other students voluntarily withdraw. I wouldn’t shed a tear if [the school] shuts down.”

Tiffani Dunschee
resident counselor | Germantown
“Yes. When it’s a private school, you can’t say too much to them. If I had a gay child, I wouldn’t send them to a place where they’re not wanted; that could encourage suicide. I saw a movie about something like that. The child needs to be in an environment that’s open and supportive.”

Christina Gethers
hairstylist | West Philadelphia
“No. God loves everybody. Nobody should be excluded because of their sexual preference. I don’t agree with any religion that would expel a lesbian or gay man from a school. They should be put out of business.”

Freddie Ortiz
cosmetologist | Northern Liberties
“No. Everyone should be treated equal. There’s no excuse for discrimination. The school needs to change; otherwise, close them down. Religion should have nothing to do with a person’s education.”

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