What do you hate most about Valentine's Day?

What do you hate most about Valentine's Day?

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Dominique Schroom
store owner | Society Hill
“It’s too hyped and commercialized. We just went through that during Christmas. Why start it up all over again two months later? Fortunately, I’m in a relationship. But single people must really feel left out.”

Meredith Righter
bartender/pizza baker | Fishtown section
“Being single and watching all the couples on South Street kissing and hugging and getting flowers. It makes you want to rip the sparkle out of their eyes. I work on South Street and see it every year.”

Jen Dennis
store manager | Society Hill
“It’s cheesy, and there’s too much pressure to do something. If you have feeling for someone, those feelings shouldn’t be contained to one day. Why single out Feb. 14? Love should be shown all year.”

Sylvia Aliaga
student/florist | South Philadelphia
“Those chalky, heart-shaped conversation candies that taste like shit. And Valentine’s Day should be in the spring, when romance is in the air. Not in the dead of winter, when it’s freezing out.”

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