Will 'Milk' win an Oscar for Best Picture?

Will 'Milk' win an Oscar for Best Picture?

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Jordan Miller
tattoo artist | Ambler
“I’ll say yes. The time is right for the Academy to go out on a limb and pick a gay film [for Best Picture]. Sean Penn is a very good actor. Giving ‘Milk’ the award would be a nice way to honor Heath Ledger because ‘Brokeback Mountain’ was passed over for Best Picture [three] years ago.”

Taylor Paige
dancer | Center City
“No. I’ll go with ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.’ It has Brad Pitt. All the girls love him. On the basis of popularity, I think ‘Benjamin Button’ has the best chance of winning. It’s possible that ‘Milk’ could win as the underdog. The gay community is a powerful circle. But it’s still in the minority.”

Leanne Grieger
student | Washington Square West
“Yes. I think the judges will set aside any prejudices and give the award to ‘Milk’ because of its quality. A lot of things have changed with President Obama being in the White House. People are a lot more open-minded about controversial subjects.”

Geoff Ciccarelli
animation student | Washington Square West
“I would like it to win, but it probably won’t make it. It’s up against a collection of really good films. My prediction for Best Picture would be ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’”

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