What would you do as a job of last resort?

What would you do as a job of last resort?

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Henry Cirilo
salesperson | Germantown section
“I’d be a paper boy, as long as the newspapers still remain in business. I like the outdoors, and it would be good exercise. I’m a sports fan. I could read the sports pages while delivering the papers.”

Kathryn Egan
food deliverer | Southwest Center City
“Let my feet be used at a foot-fetish party. I saw it on Craig’s List. You can make $20 for 10 minutes. I’d also be open to the possibility of nude modeling. But only in the context of an art school. Nothing pornographic.”

Scott Ratinoff
graphic designer | Bella Vista
“Something in the food industry — waiter or dishwasher. Even a barback. I worked in a kitchen at a day camp for kids when I was a teenager, so I’m familiar with the work. But it would be less pay. And it’s a lot of late hours. Even if you’re well-behaved, you can’t get home until 3 a.m. sometimes.”

Jasmaine Williams
hairstylist | Germantown
“Cleaning lady. I doubt that I would ever do it, unless I really needed the money. Some people have nasty living habits — bad personal hygiene. I’d hate to clean up after them. But I might do it if I were desperate for money.”

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