Should people take condom advice from the pope?

Should people take condom advice from the pope?

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Estevan Dominguez
student | Northeast Philadelphia
“No, I wouldn’t recommend going to the pope for that kind of advice. He’ll take the religious viewpoint, which doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with protecting someone’s health. It’s true that condoms can fail, but usually they don’t. People should use them.”

Sebastian Hagan
lifeguard | Newtown
“No, the pope is too focused on procreation. Sex is about intimacy, communication and showing your love. It’s deeper than, ‘Let’s have a baby.’ But the pope wants a larger flock. The more people he can have under his belt, the more power he has.”

Ryan Treitel
photographer and custodian | West Philadelphia
“No. He’s totally out of touch. Condoms are very important. I don’t give the pope credit for anything. I go to a doctor for health advice, not the pope.”

Katherine Kolenda
sales associate | Newtown
“No. I’m not a fan of this pope whatsoever. He wears red Prada shoes, yet he’s supposed to stand for the poor. He’s hypocritical. He should keep his religious views to himself. He’s misleading young people into thinking condoms are bad when they’re life-saving.”

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