Did you file your tax returns?

Did you file your tax returns?

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Lee Dewar
business executive | Bristol, England
“Yes, I earned about $50,000 this year, and I paid about $6,000 in taxes. I paid them in the United Kingdom, where I live. The taxes are high, but not excessive. I have no complaints. In England you get free healthcare, so the taxes are worth it. The only exception is dental care. I have to pay for that.”

Patrick Sanders
archivist | Fairbanks, Alaska
“Yes, I filed online for free. I filed early in January, and got my return within two weeks. That’s the benefit of filing early. If you file in April, you don’t get your refund until July. I got a $2,000 refund, which I used to tour the country.”

Justin Proudley
carpenter | East Falls
“I just finished the paperwork yesterday, and my accountant will do the actual filing with the IRS. Because my income decreased this year, I don’t have to pay that much in taxes. Actually, I don’t anguish over paying taxes. You don’t have a choice in the matter. There’s nothing you can do about it.”

Toyah Whitehead
salesperson | Northeast Philadelphia
“My mother filed for me. She used TurboTax, and got a nice refund for me. That happened in February. I was happy, because she made sure I got the best result. But unfortunately, it’s all gone. I spent all of the money on clothes.”

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