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Zachary Erdmann
student | South Philadelphia
“Yes. They serve as role models. They’re with kids all day, and kids are impression-able. They don’t always have good examples set for them at home. So it’s all the more important to have good examples set at school.”

Joshua Lawrence
musician | Rittenhouse Square
“Yes. There’s a general deterioration of respect and dignity in the classroom. If you want to keep respect going for teachers, they should be held to a different standard. But you shouldn’t get carried away to the point of trampling on teachers’ rights.”

Annabel Morff
customer-service rep | International Falls, Minn.
“No. I have three children. And I don’t [want] anyone dictating the personal moral decisions of their teachers. Standards can be developed for their on-the-job behavior. But teachers are human beings. They have a right to a personal life.”

Tina Ochal
baker | Chinatown
“No. Kids don’t need an extra level of protection. They should be exposed to real life. They need to be prepared for the world, not sheltered and hidden from it. Otherwise, when they graduate, they’ll have a culture shock.”

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