Should gender be considered in overseeing urine-sample testing?

Should gender be considered in overseeing urine-sample testing?

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Sarah Beahm
dog walker | South Philadelphia
“No, gender should have nothing to do with anything. The person administering the test is a professional and should be treated as such. Their gender is nobody’s business whatsoever. If the client has a problem, they can go elsewhere.”

Samuel Koguc
server | South Philadelphia
“No. What makes a man more qualified to handle piss than a female? Gender is totally irrelevant to the job. If someone can’t urinate in front of a particular sex, that’s their problem. Don’t cater to an individual’s quirk and discriminate against a staffer.”

Omer Qayyum
student | Washington Square West
“No, gender has no bearing. I can urinate in the presence of either gender. I don’t see why other people can’t. The professional worked hard to get to their position. They should be treated with respect. They shouldn’t be held back by someone’s sexism.”

Jonathan Sheir
attorney | Rittenhouse Square
“Ideally, it shouldn’t matter. And most people wouldn’t care. But if the person giving the urine really insists, they should be given an option. They might have a shy bladder and need a specific gender overseeing the process before they can urinate. The company should employ both sexes.”

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