Do you agree with fining Kobe Bryant for his antigay slur?

Do you agree with fining Kobe Bryant for his antigay slur?

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Molly Campbell
communications specialist | Mt. Airy
“Yes, because Bryant was on the job [when uttering the slur]. It wasn’t as if he was in a bar somewhere on his private time. There are ethics and standards to uphold while you’re working. Obviously he failed to do that, and he has to pay the price.”

Ryan Graves
animal attendant | Queen Village
“Totally. Cameras were on him and he should have known better. If he had a problem with the referee, he could have called him a jerk. To call him a ‘fucking faggot’ was way over the top. It was pure hate emanating from Kobe Bryant. That’s an awful example for children.”

William Macaluso
student | Queen Village
“Yes. If anything, he got off lightly. The fine should have been higher. As a public figure, he should have more self-control. What he said contributes to bullying, and cannot be tolerated. That kind of language is completely unacceptable.”

Mathew Underwood
teacher | Southwest Center City
“No. I don’t agree with the speech in any way. But a $100,000 fine is excessive. Kobe did apologize, which means a lot. Censorship isn’t the solution. And I don’t agree with fines associated with censorship. The money takes the focus away from the underlying sensitivity issue.”

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