Is this area ready for an LGBT federal judge?

Is this area ready for an LGBT federal judge?

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Emma Ditnes
student | Mt. Airy
“No, I think there’s a very real possibility that the entrenched powers would prevent it. And the laws prohibiting discrimination in the region are quite sketchy. I find that disgusting. But I’m not totally demoralized, because I think my generation will take up the slack. I’m optimistic about the future.”

Evan Foster
student | Washington Square West
“Probably not, because people would think the judge would be biased. Un-fortunately, it would be a factor for the older generation to consider. They’d be skeptical about the judge’s rulings. But I fully support an LGBT federal judge for this area.”

Nobu Hiroi
law student | Art Museum area
“Yes, but I say that with a lot of hope and with my fingers crossed. There are many barriers and difficulties in the judicial system. It was created by — and for — white heterosexual men. But times are changing, so I’ll say yes.”

Jovan Smith
fashion designer | Northeast Philadelphia
“Yes, there’s always a chance. This area is conservative, for the most part. But if the person had outstanding qualifications, I think they’d be capable of overcoming the obstacles. But the nominee would have to be above average.”

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