Is a gay-panic defense : valid in a criminal trial?

Is a gay-panic defense : valid in a criminal trial?

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Shelvy Arata
nanny | Washington Square West
“No. It’s stupid. I don’t think gay panic should ever be used as an excuse. That doesn’t justify a crime. It shouldn’t be brought up as an issue.”

Allie Hauptman
educator | South Philadelphia
“No, I don’t think somebody should be allowed to use homophobia as a defense. It stigmatizes gays. If a threat took place, that [threat] can be used as evidence — without going into the sexual orientation of the person who allegedly made the threat.”

Ian Jansen
server | North Philadelphia
“No. It makes no sense. You’re allowed to hit on people without worrying about being murdered. It’s a bullshit defense that doesn’t merit spending any time or money on.”

Aliza Nahama
candy-shop owner | Society Hill
“No. You can’t use the victim’s status as an excuse for your crime. To allow that in a courtroom would dignify hate. If you’re able to use that defense, then anything could be used — no matter how frivolous. That’s going down a slippery slope.”

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