What’s your opinion of Rick Santorum’s presidential candidacy?

What’s your opinion of Rick Santorum’s presidential candidacy?

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Daniel Beccaria
house painter | South Philadelphia
“He doesn’t have a chance in hell. I wish he’d move to Mars. His venom hurts a lot of people. I don’t take him seriously. But unfortunately a lot of people do.”

Robert Carter
bicycle courier | South Philadelphia
“I would never vote for Santorum. He’s pitting one group against another. People are bumping heads and we’re not getting anywhere. It’s not good for the country. Where’s the love?”

Alexander Peltz
creative director | Kensington
“It’s comical and horrifying. I hope he loses. I believe in people’s freedoms. His platform would be antithetical to my beliefs. Our country needs healing and unity. Rick Santorum is campaigning on hate and division.”

Sabina Trandafir
yoga instructor | Queen Village
“I really don’t want him to be president. It would be a bad thing for all liberals. His views are extreme. Marriage should be for people who love each other. Santorum doesn’t get that. I find it very sad.”

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