What does July Fourth mean to you?

What does July Fourth mean to you?

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Nikki Green
patient-servicesrepresentative | Center City
“That we live in a good country, and people made sacrifices to keep it that way. I go to the fireworks on the Parkway — and count my blessings. I feel very lucky to live in this country.”

Jonathan Kerr
design consultant | Northeast Philadelphia
“I’m patriotic. I fly a flag. I have a barbecue with [my] family. I keep a spirit of appreciation throughout the day. I think about our great city that gave us the Declaration of Independence.”

Kanika Looby
nursing assistant | Fishtown
“I’m happy to be an American. On that day, I really reflect on being a part of the United States. I don’t take our freedoms for granted. This country isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot better than other countries.”

Shelly Struebing
chiropractor | Center City
“I always wear a holiday T-shirt. Then I go to the parade at the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, where I used to live. It’s so cute to see the little kids participate, and learn about history. The parade is nostalgic, because I marched in many [parades] as a high-school cheerleader.”

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