How should an employer react to an on-the-job anti-LGBT rant?

How should an employer react to an on-the-job anti-LGBT rant?

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Ronnie Byrd
maintenance engineer | South Philadelphia
“In the real world, people are homophobic and racist. That’s a fact of life. So I wouldn’t be too harsh for the first offense. The employer should dock their pay and give them a warning.”

Linda Reed
freelance writer | Queen Village
“Fire them! This is the 21st century, for God’s sake. People should know better. Just as there shouldn’t be racist and sexist rants, there shouldn’t be anti-LGBT rants.”

Michael Keith
student | Society Hill
“There should be some punishment, but not to the extreme of firing someone because of their ignorant nature. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Freedom of speech is guaranteed in America. But the person should be written up and suspended for a short period of time.”

Alexander Ortiz
freelance photographer | Queen Village
“A rant is totally un-professional. You can’t be lenient, because the behavior will continue. Give the person some LGBT sensitivity classes. If that doesn’t work, and the rants continue, the employee should be fired.”

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