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Lauren Becker
nurse | South Philadelphia
“No. Let [gay men] have their own club if that’s what they want. The only reason a straight person would want to make it an issue would be to cause a problem — or make a point. That’s totally unnecessary. People have too much time on their hands.”

Michelle Peterson
musician | Queen Village
“Yes. The gay movement has always been about equality. So it would be hypocritical to exclude straight people from the league. Everyone should be treated equally.”

Mariah Demirkan
canvasser | North Philadelphia
“Yes. There should be no questions about sexuality, period. You have to be fair about these things. You can’t have an arbitrary reason to deny access, like sexuality. Everyone should be allowed to play. It’s just a game.”

Noah Dummre
salesperson | South Philadelphia
“No, not if it’s not publicly funded. People should be able to organize around a shared activity that supports their identity, especially in such times of discrimination.”

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