What's your favorite thing to do with an out-of-town visitor?

What's your favorite thing to do with an out-of-town visitor?

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Vanessa Banegas
student | Bella Vista
“Go to the Italian Market. It has a great community feel. You can get good deals —much less expensive than a grocery store. I like the experience of interacting with the outdoor environment. And there are good restaurants right in the vicinity.”

Amanda Keyser
bartender | Queen Village
“Isaiah Zagar’s Magic Garden on South Street. It’s the most beautiful mosaic I’ve ever seen. A wonderland of creative artistry. A lot of people don’t know about it — a hidden jewel in the city. I’d recommend this to everyone.”

Ifetayo Gillison
personal-care attendant | Germantown
“The National Constitution Center. It has an awesome view of history, explained in a very under-standable way. From there, I’d visit the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and other nearby attractions. Your whole day could be spent that way.”

Thomas Sprott
photographer | Center City
“Tiberino Museum in West Philadelphia. The museum features a family of artists who created amazing sculptures and paintings. You can be inspired by the depth and intricacy of the artwork. You can visit there for a small donation.”

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