Did you do everything you wanted : to this summer?

Did you do everything you wanted : to this summer?

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Oskar Castro
nonprofit director | Southwest Philadelphia
"No. I wanted to take a tour of Afghanistan. It’s a war-torn country that needs a lot of attention. I’d like to see firsthand what’s happening on the ground, instead of relying on news from our government. The stories are too pro-war and not sympathetic enough to the Afghanis."

Leah Gass
archivist | Riverton, N.J.
“I would have liked to visit the Battleship New Jersey in Camden. There’s an overnight program that lets visitors actually sleep on the ship. That would have been a neat thing to do. I’m very interested in nautical history. I’ve been around boats my whole life. My father owned a sailboat.”

David Stahler
barrista | Society Hill
“No, I’ve been working and going to school all summer. I wanted to visit Italy and France. But I didn’t have the time or money. Paris and Rome are beautiful cities that I’d love to see while I’m still young and able to do it.”

Ioanna Tsakalakos
opera singer | North Philadelphia
“It would have been great to go swimming. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I did travel to Greece and South Africa, but I didn’t get a chance to swim there. I love swimming. It’s a great aerobic exercise. I’m in my element when I swim. I feel like a mermaid.”

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