Will there be fallout due to the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"?

Will there be fallout due to the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"?

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Craig Carty
HIV researcher | East London, South Africa
“Progress is always controversial. We’ll be hearing a lot from the right wing about the decline of family values. They’ll bemoan it on talk radio. For the most part, people will take it in stride — just like they do with any social change.”

Krystin Enos
student | Washington Square West
“The Republicans will try to use it as an issue in 2012. They’ll use it as an example of something that’s going wrong in our country. They’ll say Obama doesn’t have his priorities in order.”

Harrison Finberg
student | Washington Square West
“I don’t see anything terrible happening. President Obama has made it clear that the LGBT community should be respected. If the military brass ensures that people fall in line, there will be minimal disruption. There may be an increase of protests at military funerals. But I think that will die down in a year.”

Gabriel Rhodes
documentary filmmaker | Brooklyn
“More gays will come out in the military. But they’ll come out to their peers, not the top brass, which tends to be older and more conservative. I definitely think there will be some tensions and fights in the military. Some might try to keep gays out of their platoon.”

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