Should a job applicant come out on a resume?

Should a job applicant come out on a resume?

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Daniel Albertson
illustrator | Washington Square West
“It depends on the employer and the location. If it’s a very conservative company in a rural area, I probably wouldn’t indicate anything about my gayness. But if it would be an advantage, I’d include it. Include what helps, and leave out what’s detrimental.”

Samantha Mera
designer | Old City
“Sure. Why not? Be aware that there could be repercussions. But that’s OK, because you wouldn’t want to work for a discriminatory employer anyway. Your integrity is more important than a job.”

Edward Ray
student | Washington Square West
“No. It can have a negative effect on getting a job. Prejudice is still alive, even though some people try to pretend it isn’t. It’s not as flagrant as years ago, but it’s still there.”

Olivia Palmerini
fashion illustrator | Rittenhouse Square
“Yes, because it’s part of your community identity, and you shouldn’t hold back from that. Even though the job market is tight, it’s important to be honest and to share everything that you can.”

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