What LGBT site should get the next historical marker?

What LGBT site should get the next historical marker?

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Emily Cruse
educator | Washington Square West
"Walt Whitman's home in Camden. 'Leaves of Grass' is fantastic. It's some of the most sensual poetry I've ever read. I have a very old copy from the 1940s, handed down by my grandfather."

Asya Shirokova
photographer | Queen Village
"Where the Oscar Wilde Book Store was located in New York City. It was the first LGBT bookstore in the country. I love Oscar Wilde's writings. I read one of his books that was translated in Russian. His books are great."

Yvette Simone-Smith
secretary | Southwest Philadelphia
"Liberace's birthplace. It's sad that people have forgotten about him. He was amazing. His music was a bridge between opera and classical. And he turned fashion into an art form. In a way, he was a trendsetter for the gothic look."

"Inna Spivakova
photographer | Queen Village
The area in Portland, Ore., where Gus van Sant shot his first feature film, 'Mala Noche.' It's a great movie. Everyone in Portland knows about van Sant. He's a wonderful filmmaker, someone I really admire."

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