Should a transgender boy be allowed to join the Boy Scouts?

Should a transgender boy be allowed to join the Boy Scouts?

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Christian Carpenter
canvasser | West Philadelphia
“Yes, if they identify as a boy, they should be fully accepted into the organization. However, I acknowledge the Boy Scouts are incredibly conservative. So I don’t think this will happen in the near future.”

Collette Naughton
student | Graduate Hospital
“Yes. The Boy Scouts are supposed to be supportive of the community. The transgender community is just as valid as any other community. To turn your back on transgenders would be like segregation [was] in the '60s. We’re all in this world together. Why not be supportive of everybody?”

Jesse Taylor
student | Center City
“No. It shouldn’t be allowed considering the confusion it would cause. It wouldn’t be good for the Scouts. It would present problems; other boys would be disrupted by it. It’s hard to understand that stuff at a young age.”

Meghan Toth
student | Washington Square West
“Yes. It’s a medical condition that should be respected. Realistically, it would be better for the boy to not make a big deal about it. Otherwise, the Scouts will make a big deal and kick him out. To be accepted, he’ll have to blend in — not make an issue of his trans status.”

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