Does it matter if Mitt Romney was a bully in his youth?

Does it matter if Mitt Romney was a bully in his youth?

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Sarah Gleason
student | Rittenhouse Square
“Yes, I think bullying is terrible. It’s not a right way to behave. That incident says a lot about Romney’s character. In my opinion, he’s egotistical and lacking in sensitivity. I would never, ever vote for him.”

Skyler Krafft
student | Society Hill
“Yes. Romney has a personal record of being aggressive and bullying people. I’ve read about other incidents where he acted inappropriately. He seems unable to control his emotions. Voters should be aware of his lack of compassion for those who are different than him.”

Corinna Milstein
tattoo artist | South Philadelphia
“Yes. Maybe it could be passed off if he was younger. But it’s pretty brutal to be doing that when you’re a senior in high school. It’s twisted. He wasn’t some little kid. He was fairly grown up when it happened.”

Quinniece Nicholson
teacher’s assistant | South Philadelphia
“Yes. It’s totally unacceptable behavior. I wouldn’t want a president with a history of such behavior. I’m voting for Obama. I’m glad he’s for the gays. We’re all human. We should be allowed to do what we want, as long as we’re not hurting others.”

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