Where is President Obama headed on LGBT issues?

Where is President Obama headed on LGBT issues?

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Adam Donnelly
trucking contractor | Bristol, Pa.
“If the community makes enough commotion, he’ll fall in line and do their bidding. I like the guy. I think he’s going to change things. He’s hobbled by politics. But in my opinion, in his heart of hearts, he sincerely supports LGBT rights. He’s a good dude. If his constituency emphasizes the importance of LGBT rights, he’ll act on their behalf.”

Daniel Donnelly
real-estate agent | Bella Vista
“I don’t think he’ll take a leadership role on that issue. He won’t bring the issue up, unless it’s foisted on him. He’s got bigger fish to fry. He already did a lot for the LGBT community in his first term. LGBT issues are too divisive for him to take the initiative on.”

Samuel Handler
student | South Philadelphia
“He’ll speak out more for same-sex marriage, partly because he doesn’t have to worry about being re-elected. Also, the country is moving in that direction. Same-sex marriage was supported by voters in four ballot initiatives this election. It’s not just an abstract theory. It’s reality.”

April Melchior
student | South Philadelphia
“In the next two years, Obama will pull back on social issues. He’ll focus on the economy, because that’s what’s on everyone’s mind. But in the second half of his term, he’ll increase his efforts for LGBT rights. He’ll use his power to educate people and bring more public awareness to LGBT issues.”

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