Will Obama appoint an LGBT person as a cabinet member?

Will Obama appoint an LGBT person as a cabinet member?

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Capacinea Green-Barclay
security guard | Kensington
“Yes, he needs that expertise and help. He’s straight. He doesn’t have the experience to understand all the issues facing the LGBT community. But he realizes that he should do it, and I think he will.”

Julie Kelso
artist | South Philadelphia
“He won’t target a member of the LGBT community to be in his cabinet. He won’t base his selection on someone’s gender identity or sexual preference. He’ll choose the candidate with the best qualifications. He won’t pander to the LGBT community when making his decisions.”

Paul MacDonald
bartender | Washington Square West
“He’s looking for the most qualified person. He’s not looking for re-election. I don’t think he’ll be unduly influenced by political pressure. If he does appoint an LGBT person, we probably won’t even know about it. It will just remain private.”

Nicole Sivieri
student | Queen Village
“Yes. It would be a big step for civil rights. There’s a lot more acceptance for the LGBT community. But it would still be a heroic thing for Obama to do. There are many qualified LGBT people to choose from. He’ll certainly be able to meet — if not exceed — people’s expectations.”

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