Is opposition to nonconsensual circumcision an LGBT issue?

Is opposition to nonconsensual circumcision an LGBT issue?

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David Goldstein
accountant | South Philadelphia
“No. You’re less susceptible to yeast infections and urinary-tract infections [after circum-cision]. I realize you don’t have the same nerve endings after you’re cut. And I get that it’s important to some people [to have the nerve endings]. But I don’t think it’s an issue the government should step into.”

Ryan Harris
photographer | Washington Square West
“Yes, it’s a valid issue for the LGBT community. Some parents want it done to their child as a religious tradition. But the surgical procedure is unnecessary and dated. They should wait until the boy reaches his teen years and let him decide for himself.”

Brian Smalls
pharmacy technician | West Philadelphia
“Yes, definitely. Circumcision is altering an intimate part of someone’s body. You don’t experience the same sensations once you’ve had it done. A person has a right to bodily integrity. It should be your prerogative, not your parents’.”

Arturs Bergs
student | Washington Square West
“No. It’s a matter of religious freedom. The same reason a child is taken to church, they’re circumcised. It’s a fundamental right of parents to make that decision. The government shouldn’t be getting involved in raising kids. That just causes more problems.”

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