Is the makeup of the Supreme Court conducive to marriage equality?

Is the makeup of the Supreme Court conducive to marriage equality?

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Daniel Anderson
musician | West Philadelphia
“No, I see them as politicians. They won’t risk the public backlash of legalizing it nationally. But they’ll let it stand in California. That in itself will be pivotal. Other states will move in that direction. Eventually, it will be the law of the land. But not in this decade, unfortunately.”

Christopher Carney
law student | Washington Square West
“I’m an optimistic person, so I’ll say yes. I have faith they’ll do the right thing. They’ll adopt a modern perspective on the issue. I believe that people are born gay. Same-sex marriage is a fundamental civil right. The court will understand that.”

Jacquelyne Pierson
photographer | Washington Square West
“Yes. They’ll be influenced by big cities and states like New York and California, which tend to accept diversity. All of that acceptance will have a cumulative effect. The South will be dragged along, kicking and screaming. But so be it. We’re living in modern times.”

Jeremie Wimbrow
student | Washington Square West
“They won’t take away marriage equality in California. If they did that, the government would have less credibility. There would be a huge amount of civil unrest. People would be less trusting of their government. But they won’t make it legal in all 50 states.”

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