What can be done to make schools safer?

What can be done to make schools safer?

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Theresa Akana
writer | Northern Liberties
“Every school should have a place to go where it’s safe. When I was a student in the Midwest, we had a bunker where we could go if a tornado hit. And there should be safety drills, so kids know how to get to a safe place quickly. Also, teachers should be supplied with wireless panic buttons, like seniors have in medical emergencies.”

Miriam Hernandez-Meadows
student | Northeast Philadelphia
“More counseling efforts. We had a great counselor in high school. I even called her late at night when I had a problem. It made a big difference in my life. Counselors should be available to all students, including elementary-school students. That’s when the problems begin.”

Michael Grim
coffeeshop supervisor | Queen Village
“Install metal detectors. We had them in Washington, D.C., where I went to high school. I think it should be done nationwide. It’s a good preventative. If people see that, they’re not going to even try to commit violence. It’s a visible deterrent.”

Amy Kessel
server | Queen Village
“Adults should be more aware of mental-health issues in children. Don’t be afraid to deal with the issue. If a child is showing signs of mental illness, be proactive and get them help — before it’s too late. Take it seriously.”

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