What are you doing to chase away the post-holiday winter blues?

What are you doing to chase away the post-holiday winter blues?

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Ashley Floyd
barrista | South Philadelphia
“Go shopping, either for clothes or for food. I love to buy pretty clothes. I always feel good about myself in a new outfit. Even if I don’t have any money, window shopping perks me up. You’re out and about with other people. It lifts your spirits.”

Rachel Hendrickson
server | Queen Village
“Any form of exercise, like taking my dog out for a walk. And doing a good deed for others can be uplifting. We think of doing that during the holidays but it shouldn’t stop there. It’s fulfilling to give to others throughout the year.”

Samantha McConnell
bartender | South Philadelphia
“Surround myself with supportive people, a bottle of wine, and lots of chocolates! Having good friends is very important to me. I find it helpful to be with people who have a positive outlook on life. I don’t like to be around worry warts or people who dwell on negativity.”

Leighla Spooner
hair stylist | Levittown
“A hot bubble bath with candles. Aroma-therapy can be very effective in chasing away the blues. Also, I’ve tried Buddhist meditation. It really helps clear the mind of depressing thoughts. You have to breathe from your diaphragm to relieve the stress.”

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