Street Talk

Do you believe there is still discrimination against the LGBTQ community?

McKenna Kelley
Student | Philadelphia
“Yeah. The community faces discrimination. I’m not a member, but I am an ally and I believe in intersectional feminism so my politics definitely include gay and trans people. From what I’ve witnessed, I can definitely say I’ve seen discrimination.”
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Do you think LGBT youth would be better off with LGBT foster parents?

Jason Casey
Student | North Philadelphia
“I do think LGBT youth would be better off with LGBT parents because they’d have a better understanding. The children would have parents who know where they’re coming from and it’s not a constant fighting ground between the youth and parental figures.”
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What would you like to see from Philly's LGBTQ community?

Bruce Harvey
Retired | University City
“I’d like to see more notices in the newspaper about things like the Mornings Out get-togethers that I go to every week, where 20 percent of the time roughly, they go elsewhere from the William Way building to view something like a retirement community for example.”
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Do you think a gay candidate could win a presidential election?

Phil Charron
executive VP | Wissahickon
“I do think that they could win a presidential election. It would be an uphill battle with the perspectives some folks in this country have. But if they put a good campaign together and they can resonate with folks, I think there's been a monumental change in the past 10 years that would make it possible.”
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What political issues are you most passionate about right now?

Catherine Brown
Student | Philadelphia
“Income inequality. I think there’s such a disparity between the CEO of a company and the lowest level worker, and the disparity is just shocking and unnecessary. It feels kind of like an unbreakable cycle.”
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How important is it that Philadelphia has a rainbow crosswalk?

Kornelius Dorsey
Restaurant worker | West Philadelphia
“I think that it’s a 10 that we have a rainbow crosswalk. I mean the city is kinda broke down altogether so I’d have to give the crosswalk on an importance scale from one to 10, it’s a 10.”
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What are your thoughts on the government shutdown?

Tai Abioye
Student | West Philadelphia
“I haven’t been affected by it personally, but my sister has. She’s a mother who goes to school full time and the shutdown is delaying some of the assistance she gets from the government.”
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