Street Talk

What would you like to see from Philly's LGBTQ community?

Bruce Harvey
Retired | University City
“I’d like to see more notices in the newspaper about things like the Mornings Out get-togethers that I go to every week, where 20 percent of the time roughly, they go elsewhere from the William Way building to view something like a retirement community for example.”
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Do you think a gay candidate could win a presidential election?

Phil Charron
executive VP | Wissahickon
“I do think that they could win a presidential election. It would be an uphill battle with the perspectives some folks in this country have. But if they put a good campaign together and they can resonate with folks, I think there's been a monumental change in the past 10 years that would make it possible.”
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What are your thoughts on the government shutdown?

Tai Abioye
Student | West Philadelphia
“I haven’t been affected by it personally, but my sister has. She’s a mother who goes to school full time and the shutdown is delaying some of the assistance she gets from the government.”
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Should a street be renamed in Philadelphia to honor Harvey Milk?

Josue Castillo
student | North Philadelphia
“Yes. It’s bound to happen. It’s only a matter of time. But the street should be in the Gayborhood. Ånd it should be a street that doesn’t have a lot of history attached to it already. I’m sure they’ll find a suitable street. I fully support LGBT rights.”
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How will you usher in the New Year?

Shawn Nesbit
café owner | Wilmington, Del.
“My wife and I will have a great, big feast with family and friends. We’ll focus on being positive. This past year has been very frustrating. We could use some changes in Washington. To work off all that food, my wife and I will salsa dance. She’s from Puerto Rico and we love to dance together.”
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Will you read Michelle Obama's new book?

Ellen Appleton
homemaker | York, S.C.
“No. I’ve heard enough from Michelle Obama. She should focus on giving back to the community. She was fine as a first lady. But I didn’t like her comment about not being proud to be an American until her husband was elected president. Why wasn’t she always proud to be an American? Nobody oppressed her. Look where she ended up in life.”
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