Street Talk

What are your plans for your old age?

Jason Javie
attorney | Point Breeze
“I’m investing my money wisely. I have people who help me with that. I wouldn’t want to be a burden on my family or friends. I would go to an assisted-living facility before burdening my family. Preferably, I’ll be able to live independently until the day I die. I was raised to take care of myself. And I’ve always been a hard worker.”
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Would you pay for journalism?

Franz Koenig
operations officer | Queen Village
“No. I prefer overseas media outlets, which are free. They don’t cost any money online. And they cover real news, not the local nonsense. I don’t need to read 100 local articles about the soda tax or some zoning dispute. I’ll just read the free articles on until I reach my quota.”
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Are you voting in the mid-term elections?

Rachel Ambrose
baker | Antique Row
“Absolutely. As a trans person, I feel our very lives depend on getting more Democrats in office. The Trump administration is stripping away our rights, left and right. It’s an intolerable situation. The policies coming out of the White House threaten our very existence.”
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What's your reaction to Brett Kavanaugh now on the Supreme Court?

Jeremy Koven
TV/film producer | Queen Village
“I was frustrated and felt it was a sad day for our country. The vote was rushed to get a result that the Republicans wanted. I have some concerns about Justice Kavanaugh’s partisan views. In the long term, his opinions are going to set this country back.”
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How long should Bill Cosby be incarcerated, if at all?

Jerome Cuffee
utility worker | North Philadelphia
"He shouldn't be doing any time in prison. At most, he could be on house arrest. He should have leniency because of his age and infirmity. There are other celebrities accused of the same thing who don't get sent to jail. I believe he was targeted because of his race and financial status."
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What's your reaction to Brett Kavanaugh's testimony?

Gina Bondarenko
gift-shop manager | Queen Village
"He was too aggressive and emotional. People who are innocent don't have to act that way. Christine Ford was level-headed and reasonable when she presented her story. If Kavanaugh were innocent, there would be no need for such histrionics. I'm not buying any of his testimony."
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Do you believe Christine Blasey Ford's accusations against Brett Kavanaugh?

William Congleton
warehouse manager | South Philadelphia
“Yes. No one would put themselves through what she’s going through unless they were telling the truth. She’s getting a lot of death threats and harassment. Why would she lie? There’s nothing she gains from lying. Her privacy has been destroyed. Her family has been dragged through the mud. Who needs it?”
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What's your main source of news?

Juliana Fitzgerald
barrista | West Philadelphia
“I rely on Instagram. I’m usually on it, checking out photos and videos. So it’s a convenient way for me to also get the news. Instagram streamlines my news consumption. My schedule is hectic. But I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything when I use Instagram.”
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How much vacation time do you get at work?

Shainna Davis
eye-practice manager | Holmesburg
"I'm in year one at my job. So I get eight paid vacation days. In year two, I'll get 18 paid vacation days. That will remain in effect until year five, when I'll get 23 paid vacation days. I think it's a very fair benefits package. I'm lucky that my employer is so good to the workers."
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