Street Talk

Will you consider Trump your president?

Maryan Captan
writer/poet | West Philadelphia
“No, I will not. How could I? I'm everything he opposes. I'm a woman, an immigrant and Middle-Eastern. Trump won't act in my best interests. So how could I consider him to be my president?
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Should the U.S. government pay reparations to LGBT people jailed due to anti-sodomy laws?

Benjamin Deadwyler
server | Bella Vista
"Absolutely. There should be reparations for LGBTs, blacks — all people who were system-atically oppressed and denied their rights by the United States government. My heart goes out to them. They suffered needless indignity. Reparations are necessary."
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What's the best way to tackle racism in the Gayborhood?

Bertram Bauer
sales rep | South Philadelphia
"An end to all dress codes in the bars — within reason, of course. There should be no more bans on people in athletic outfits, or people wearing Timberland boots. That's unacceptable. As a Jewish man, I want to see more empathy for all groups of people."
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What public figure would you like to spoof on Halloween?

Lena Krobock
nursing student | West Philadelphia
"Billy Bush. I'd hold a microphone and have a plastic foot in my mouth. Billy Bush has forfeited his right to speak publicly on television. It was so reprehensible, what was said on that tape [with Donald Trump]."
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Should Donald Trump drop out of the race?

Michael Bazis
shop owner | Manayunk
"Personally, I'd like Trump off the public stage. He's an embarrass-ment to our political system. He's also embarrassing our country in front of the rest of the world. But for Hillary, it's a good thing that Trump is staying in the race. She'll easily defeat him."
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Do you care that 'I Am Cait' was canceled?

Andrew Bernard
student | London, England
"No, I don't care the show has been canceled. It was a commercial venture that wasn't successful. A reality-TV show wasn't the right way to go. A documentary would have been a more powerful way to encourage discourse on the subject [of trans issues]."
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Who's your favorite LGBT historical figure?

Kaitlyn Boyle
barista | South Philadelphia
"Frida Kahlo. She was a bisexual Mexican painter. Her style was surrealism. She had a long-term affair with Geraldine Baker, the dancer. She was bad-ass. Her husband was a chronic cheater, and she slept with every woman he did!"
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What LGBT person deserves a mural in Philadelphia?

Michaela DeBenedictis
music teacher | East Falls
"Sister Rosetta Tharpe. She was a pioneer in rock-and-roll guitar-playing, a real music legend. She was openly bisexual in the 1940s when doing that wasn't easy. She obviously took a lot of heat for it. I admire her tenacity and her fearlessness to be herself."
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