Street Talk

What was the highlight of your summer?

Laurie Heineman
food-service worker | New York City
"I went to Brevard Zoo in Florida and interacted with the lemurs. They live on a separate island at the zoo. For an additional fee, people can visit them. They were so playful. One of them touched me with his tail. They look like small monkeys. It was the best 20 minutes of my summer. I highly recommend it to anybody."
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How do you plan to spend Labor Day weekend?

Holly Gibson
physical-therapy student | Lindenwold, N.J.
“I’m going to Connecticut with my husband to visit his family. It’s great to get away from the craziness of the city. It doesn’t get any quieter than up there.They have a farm with lots of fresh vegetables. We’ll have a picnic with potato salad and roasted vegetables.”
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Is Pennsylvania ready for the legalization of recreational marijuana?

Denise Payne
rehab specialist | Germantown
“No, we have too many other pressing issues that need to be addressed first. We don’t have enough knowledge about marijuana and its possible harmful effects. I think marijuana has its downside. Until I’m shown otherwise, I oppose legalization.”
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Have you been the victim of a crime?

James Burton
student | South Philadelphia
"One time somebody tried to steal my bike. I had it locked up outside my job. The person wasn't able to steal the bike. But they damaged the chain used to lock it. I didn't file any charges.”
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Should Center City's rainbow crosswalk be repainted to include brown and black stripes?

Stanley Breeland
healthcare consultant | North Philadelphia
"I'd like to see a community event to repaint the stripes, but leave the colors the same. As a black American, I'm not offended by the [current] colors. There are bigger battles to fight, considering the challenges we face."
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Are Trump-is-gay-for-Putin jokes funny?

Rebekah Horowitz
strategy consultant | South Philadelphia
“No. I think it’s cheap and stupid. As a society, we should be past that. There’s nothing inherently funny or insulting about men being in a same-sex relationship. And there certainly are other ways to mock Trump and Putin.”
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Should ICE be abolished?

Malcolm Burnley
writer | South Philadelphia
"Yes, ICE has many historical problems. It can't be salvaged. There's no way it can regain people's confidence. ICE strikes fear in people and doesn't make our country safer. It needs to be replaced with something more humane."
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Should the New York City Police Department apologize for its actions during the Stonewall uprising?

Emily Campbell
flight attendant | South Philadelphia
"Absolutely. It's never too late to apologize for something. The level of violence the police exerted was unconscion-able. It never should have happened. There was no reason for it. And I think the gesture would improve community relations with police."
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What's your opinion of PA state Rep. Brian Sims giving the finger to Vice President Mike Pence on Facebook?

Jay Baber
salesperson | South Philadelphia
"I wasn't a good thing. It's not a good image for the government. I don't think someone with that much power should be doing that. It shows he wasn't raised well. I wouldn't do something like that. It's not my demeanor."
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