Street Talk

Should a street be renamed in Philadelphia to honor Harvey Milk?

Josue Castillo
student | North Philadelphia
“Yes. It’s bound to happen. It’s only a matter of time. But the street should be in the Gayborhood. Ånd it should be a street that doesn’t have a lot of history attached to it already. I’m sure they’ll find a suitable street. I fully support LGBT rights.”
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How will you usher in the New Year?

Shawn Nesbit
café owner | Wilmington, Del.
“My wife and I will have a great, big feast with family and friends. We’ll focus on being positive. This past year has been very frustrating. We could use some changes in Washington. To work off all that food, my wife and I will salsa dance. She’s from Puerto Rico and we love to dance together.”
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Will you read Michelle Obama's new book?

Ellen Appleton
homemaker | York, S.C.
“No. I’ve heard enough from Michelle Obama. She should focus on giving back to the community. She was fine as a first lady. But I didn’t like her comment about not being proud to be an American until her husband was elected president. Why wasn’t she always proud to be an American? Nobody oppressed her. Look where she ended up in life.”
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What's your opinion of the presidency of George H.W. Bush?

Patrick Cummings
graphic designer | Germantown
“He was just a one-term president. His presidency didn’t have much of an impact. How much can you accomplish in four years? He promised not to raise taxes but he reneged on that promise. I don’t hold that against him, because that’s what politicians do. But it obviously didn’t help him get reelected.”
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Should tampons or sanitary pads be provided in all public restrooms?

Roman Broberg
dog walker | Northern Liberties
“Of course. Toilet paper is readily available. Why shouldn’t tampons be? If women had more power in society, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. If men menstruated, tampons would have been in restrooms 50 years ago. True, they’ll be an added expense for a business owner. But everything costs money.”
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What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Yashmi Mahat
student | Gayborhood
“I’m Canadian. Our Thanksgiving was in October. I celebrated it quietly with friends. I’ll be in this country for [America’s] Thanksgiving. I’ll hang out with friends. We’ll have a festive holiday meal with turkey and stuffing. I love the holiday season. I’m very thankful for the blessings in my life.”
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What are your thoughts about the election results?

Arthur Bacon
music composer | Gayborhood
“It’s phenomenal that so many women and LGBT people were elected to public office. And it’s fantastic that Democrats took back the House. But I’m disappointed that we didn’t have an overwhelming blue wave. I do believe we’re getting closer to unseating Trump. Ultimately, my strong desire is for Trump to leave office.”
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What are your plans for your old age?

Jason Javie
attorney | Point Breeze
“I’m investing my money wisely. I have people who help me with that. I wouldn’t want to be a burden on my family or friends. I would go to an assisted-living facility before burdening my family. Preferably, I’ll be able to live independently until the day I die. I was raised to take care of myself. And I’ve always been a hard worker.”
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Would you pay for journalism?

Franz Koenig
operations officer | Queen Village
“No. I prefer overseas media outlets, which are free. They don’t cost any money online. And they cover real news, not the local nonsense. I don’t need to read 100 local articles about the soda tax or some zoning dispute. I’ll just read the free articles on until I reach my quota.”
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Are you voting in the mid-term elections?

Rachel Ambrose
baker | Antique Row
“Absolutely. As a trans person, I feel our very lives depend on getting more Democrats in office. The Trump administration is stripping away our rights, left and right. It’s an intolerable situation. The policies coming out of the White House threaten our very existence.”
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