Street Talk

Is it fair to out a politician who has an anti-LGBT voting record?

Allison Elkins
student | Washington Square West
“The vindictive part of me says out the person. But two wrongs don’t make a right. Outing someone who doesn’t want to be outed is not appropriate. You could ruin someone’s life: personally, professionally, financially. But it might be helpful to privately encourage the politician to do the right thing.”
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Who’s your LGBT-rights hero of 2013?

Taylor Goerlach
server | West Philadelphia
“Pope Francis. I like that he said a person’s sexual orientation is none of his business. It’s a refreshing change from the other popes who’ve been so negative. I think Pope Francis will bring welcome changes to the church. He seems open to dialogue.”
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What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Chris Bettex
teacher | Manayunk
“To find inner peace. When I’m confronted with struggles, I want to accept those struggles and breathe through them, not react negatively to them. In other words, I want to be less controlling in life and let it flow.”
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What holiday gift have you always wanted but never gotten?

Sami Brussels
student | Pennsport
“A gym membership. One with a pool. I grew up in Miami. I miss the water dreadfully. The ocean had a restorative effect on me. I have leg problems. I think swimming [in an indoor pool] would be therapeutic, without exacerbating the problem.”
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What charitable cause merits support this holiday season?

David Broughton
bartender | Queen Village
“Feeding the needy. You need food to live. And hunger is a major problem in the world. I support local food banks, soup kitchens, can drives. Things like that, that get food into the mouths of people who really need it.”
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Do you feel safe in the Gayborhood?

Jason Bailey
corporate trainer | Drexel Hill
“I feel safe, but I’m aware of the crime that does happen. I feel there could be more security measures set in place. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve frequented the Gayborhood for 10 years and never [have] been assaulted. But I don’t want to deny the fact that there’s a problem in this area.”
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What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Geoffrey Baker
musician | South Philadelphia
"My health. I realize how expensive medical care is. I had to go to the emergency room recently. Fortunately, they forgave the bill. I'll be signing up for Obamacare soon. I'm waiting for all the computer glitches to be cleared up. It's long overdue, and something I’m very grateful for."
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Whose support of marriage equality would gratify you the most?

Lisa Conn
artist | South Philadelphia
“The pope. His support would make a huge difference. I was raised a Catholic. I’d like to see the Catholic Church become more liberal. A lot of Catholics still follow what the pope has to say. It would be interesting to see their reactions if he supported marriage equality.”
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What sport is the most LGBT-friendly?

Kevin Christy
bartender | South Philadelphia
“Ice hockey. I’ve heard several players come out in support of gay marriage. They still have their careers. Also, there’s a lot of same-sex affection displayed in ice hockey. It’s just male bonding on the ice. But it means the players aren’t afraid to be seen as gay.”
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What type of federal antibias protections do you think exist for LGBTs in the workplace?

Oskar Juul Darket
child-care worker | Copenhagen, Denmark
“It would surprise me if there are any federal protections for gay people in this country. I’ve heard a lot of bad stories about gay people being discriminated against in America. I’ve also heard about the gay bashings. Antigay violence in my country is very rare. I haven’t researched the subject. But my gut tells me there are no [federal] protections.”
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