Street Talk

Will marriage equality in New Jersey accelerate the same in Pennsylvania?

Sara Becker
sales associate | Bella Vista
“New Jersey will influence the city because we’re so close. But the rest of the state won’t care. The majority of the state doesn’t live in Philadelphia. Marriage equality isn’t on their radar. So what New Jersey does won’t hold sway for the rural sections.”
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What’s a good Halloween costume this year?

Howard Davis
chef | Northeast Philadelphia
“Gov. Christie with a foot in his mouth because he said so many dumb things [when opposing marriage equality.] He should also have a black eye because he got beat up pretty bad in the press.”
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Should LGBT history topics be mandatory in elementary school?

Adam Burton
photographer | Point Breeze
“Yes, but from third grade forward. I had sex education in third grade, and it would have been nice to also have learned about LGBT history. But I grew up in Florida, and that didn’t happen. If schools are going to teach sex ed, they should also be teaching about LGBT history. It will result in well-rounded students.”
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What’s your opinion of Gov. Christie’s opposition to marriage equality?

Nicole Colavita
hair stylist | South Philadelphia
“He probably has been discriminated against because of his obesity, so he should be more sensitive to other forms of discrimin-ation. He was able to marry the person he wanted to. Who is he to tell other people who they can marry?”
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What straight ally deserves an award?

Elysha Christiano
retail manager | Northeast Philadelphia
“Liza Minelli. I adore her. She’s a fabulous lady. I loved her as Lucile in ‘Arrested Develop-ment.’ When she speaks out for the gay community, people listen. I know I do. I’ve always been a big supporter of LGBT rights. Liza Minelli just reinforces my beliefs.”
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What’s the best way to get ENDA passed this session of Congress?

Megan Brown
illustrator | Washington Square West
“Do online petitions, like If millions of people sign petitions, you’ll have something tangible to show for your efforts. Also, people should be encouraged to utilize social media to the fullest extent possible. It helps raise awareness and increases the number of people who sign the petitions.”
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Should a transgender boy be permitted to compete for prom king?

Les Price
security guard | South Philadelphia
“Yes. If the person is presenting as a boy, he should be respected as such. If you can fill the description, sex organs don’t matter. I think that even a butch lesbian should be allowed to compete for prom king, if she wants to.”
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Should Mayor Nutter officiate at same-sex weddings?

Jeremy Martini
pastry chef | Manhattan
“Definitely yes. The mayor talks up Philly as a very LGBT-friendly city. Let him put his money where his mouth is. It’s an urgent matter, with over 1,000 rights at stake. He needs to step up to the plate.”
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What’s your opinion of the Queen James Bible?

Colby Damon
dancer | Chinatown
“Making the ‘King James’ more LGBT-friendly is just one step in a long journey to improve the Bible. It needs a complete rewrite, to include at least 80 gospels of Jesus that haven’t been included. But I’m supportive of anything that treats LGBTs fairly.”
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What was the highlight of your summer?

Timothy Kerbag
student | South Philadelphia
“I took a vacation to Canada and visited Calypso Park. It’s the largest waterpark in North America. I went down a huge water slide. That was thrilling. There were also artificial waves that were stronger than ocean waves. I had a great time.”
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