Street Talk

What gay rumor about a celebrity do you think is wrong?

Jenyse Carpenter
student | South Philadelphia
“Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. If anything, their friendship is a bromance. But there’s absolutely no indication that it’s anything other than that. People make assumptions about male bonding that aren’t accurate. They want to label people. It’s not a productive way of viewing others.”
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What LGBT person deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Emily Burr
student | Princeton, N.J.
“Truman Capote. He was a wonderful writer. I absolutely loved his book ‘In Cold Blood.’ He really got into the minds of the killers. He actually got me to feel some sympathy for them. I had a much better understanding of the situation after reading the book.”
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Should Russian vodka be taken off the shelves of LGBT bars?

Peter Callan
chef | South Philadelphia
“No, it strikes me as petty. LGBTs have problems everywhere. If you’re going to boycott all products connected to LGBT oppression, you’re not going to have much of a life. You’ll have to live in a bubble, with very few things to do.”
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Should the rainbow flag be updated to reflect more diversity?

Camila Carroll
artist | Princeton, N.C.
“No, it’s perfect the way it is. There’s no need to make any changes. The rainbow flag has a beautiful tradition. We should honor its history but we should also emphasize that the LGBT community embraces people of color in their struggle for equality.”
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Should Congress ban the “gay-panic" and “trans-panic” defenses?

Samantha Belgiorno
pet groomer | Bellmawr, N.J.
“Yes, Congress should prevent that. It’s ridiculous. That kind of panic shouldn’t be good enough to be used as a defense. If people are panicked about someone, they can simply walk away. You don’t have to assault the person.”
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Are the slurs of Paula Deen and Alec Baldwin equally offensive?

Katelin Bannon
online administrator | Los Angeles
“I think Paula Deen’s statements were more serious. They were made in the course of a deposition. They have legal ramifications. What she said was offensive on many different levels. Alec Baldwin was offensive as well but he’s had numerous tirades in the past. People don’t take him seriously. He always apologizes, and it’s over with.”
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When will marriage equality be the law of the land?

Matthew Bannon
general contractor | Los Angeles
“By 2025. The majority opinion is slowly shifting. True, there are some real hardcore opponents. But most of them will die out within 12 years, or else they’ll become more mellow. They won’t go to the polls to oppose marriage equality. So I think all 50 states will approve it by 2025.”
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What should be done with the former Boy Scouts building near the Ben Franklin Parkway?

Robert Cancel
server | Northeast Philadelphia
“Let it be an LGBT youth center, a place for LGBT youth to go for counseling if they need it. There could also be recreational space and an area for temporary housing. The housing should be a stepping stone for homeless LGBT youth, not a permanent solution.”
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What’s your dream summer vacation?

Maggie Grindrod
teacher | Queen Village
“The Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador. They’re beautiful. And they have giant tortoises that are becoming extinct. I read about one called ‘Lonesome George.’ I love nature. I really want to see a giant tortoise before they all die out.”
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Is First Lady Michelle Obama fair game for LGBT protestors?

Maxwell Cudworth
musician | Bella Vista
“Yes. I’m a strong believer in the First Amendment. And Michelle Obama is a public figure. I totally understand the rage of LGBT activists, who feel her husband hasn’t done enough. Michelle Obama can be pissed about the protestors but it goes with the turf. Don’t be First Lady if you don’t want the attention.”
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