Street Talk

How would Hillary Clinton’s public support for marriage equality affect a potential presidential bid?

Aaron Berman
graduate student | Penn Valley
“Her support of marriage equality will be a huge part of her campaign. But Hillary’s base is already for marriage equality. So I don’t think that endorsement will get her more votes. But she won’t lose any potential votes. By 2016, the stigma against the LGBT community will have declined.”
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What’s your favorite springtime activity?

Jason Johnson
stage worker | North Philadelphia
“Playing my drums outdoors. I’m part of a band, and I prefer playing outdoors. It’s an entirely different vibe. The people are more relaxed. There’s more opportunity for spontaneous dancing. People can grab something to eat. Open-air festivals are definitely a preference of mine.”
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Should St. Patrick’s Day parades have LGBT contingents?

Stefanie Jolles
storeowner | Queen Village
“Yes. I’m all about diversity. If LGBT people who are Irish want to show pride in both identities, they should have every opportunity to do that. It’s not like St. Patty’s Day is so sacred that it can’t have an LGBT theme to it.”
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Should medical providers ask patients their sexual orientation and gender identity?

Charles Bartlett
server | Queen Village
“I wouldn’t want to be asked about my sexual orientation — not that I have anything to hide. But it’s not a necessary bit of information. But it’s appropriate to ask about gender identity. That’s an important piece of someone’s medical history. I wouldn’t be offended if a doctor asked me that.”
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Are LGBT rights civil rights?

Olivia Castagneto
student | North Philadelphia
“Maybe just call them human rights, as long as the LGBT community gets the rights they deserve. Civil rights have more to do with race. Sexual orientation is more of a personal choice. But I would never say that the rights of one group are more important than the rights of another group.”
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How should the next pope address LGBT issues?

Star Benford
operations manager | Germantown
“God says don’t judge people. The new pope should say that, too. Just accept people for who they are. If he’s going to take on the role of pope, he should accept everyone. We’re all God’s children. As a leader, he should make that clear to his followers.”
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Should Obama resign as honorary president of the Boy Scouts?

Michael Anders
butcher | South Philadelphia
“Yes. If he truly believes in gay rights, then he should put his money where his mouth is. I like to think my president has the courage of his convictions. He’s the president of all the people and should stand by his beliefs — regardless of any political flak he might get.”
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What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day?

Kristina Guba
bartender | Upper Chichester
“Have my husband make dinner for me. I’m a big fish fan. So I’d like him to cook Chilean sea bass. I think it might become an endangered species, but I love it. And I love Pinot Noir red wine. So that’s a must. Later, we could go for a walk and settle in for a movie.”
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Should President Obama have mentioned transgender rights in his inaugural address?

Tanner Arroyo
deliveryman | Newark, Del.
“Yes. Leaving that out gave the wrong impression. Obama is the president of the United States. He’s supposed to stand up for everyone’s rights, including transgender people. If he truly believes in equality, he should have specified that transgenders have rights, too.”
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What’s your opinion of Jodie Foster’s coming-out speech?

Jenna Ankney
student | Wildwood, N.J.
“It wasn’t a surprise, but a nice affirmation. I saw her as a vulnerable human being. But she was also very brave. So in that sense she was awesome. It must have been very scary [for her]. But she definitely pulled it off.”
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