Street Talk

What are you doing to chase away the post-holiday winter blues?

Ashley Floyd
barrista | South Philadelphia
“Go shopping, either for clothes or for food. I love to buy pretty clothes. I always feel good about myself in a new outfit. Even if I don’t have any money, window shopping perks me up. You’re out and about with other people. It lifts your spirits.”
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What was the top LGBT story of 2012?

Robert Daniels
student | Elkins Park
“Tammy Baldwin getting elected to the U.S. Senate in Wisconsin. I found her election to be quite amazing, because the vast majority of the Senate is heterosexual. But I’m concerned about a backlash. I just hope that everyone will work together in harmony, so the country can move forward.”
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What can be done to make schools safer?

Theresa Akana
writer | Northern Liberties
“Every school should have a place to go where it’s safe. When I was a student in the Midwest, we had a bunker where we could go if a tornado hit. And there should be safety drills, so kids know how to get to a safe place quickly. Also, teachers should be supplied with wireless panic buttons, like seniors have in medical emergencies.”
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Is the makeup of the Supreme Court conducive to marriage equality?

Daniel Anderson
musician | West Philadelphia
“No, I see them as politicians. They won’t risk the public backlash of legalizing it nationally. But they’ll let it stand in California. That in itself will be pivotal. Other states will move in that direction. Eventually, it will be the law of the land. But not in this decade, unfortunately.”
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Is same-sex hand-holding a suitable punishment for high-school students?

Jacquelyn Blough
student | West Philadelphia
“Yes. It’s better than suspension. Suspension is a reward to some kids. It’s OK to show affection to someone of the same sex. It doesn’t mean you’re gay. I hug my girlfriends all the time. I love them. But I’m not a lesbian.”“Yes. It’s better than suspension. Suspension is a reward to some kids. It’s OK to show affection to someone of the same sex. It doesn’t mean you’re gay. I hug my girlfriends all the time. I love them. But I’m not a lesbian.”
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Is opposition to nonconsensual circumcision an LGBT issue?

David Goldstein
accountant | South Philadelphia
“No. You’re less susceptible to yeast infections and urinary-tract infections [after circum-cision]. I realize you don’t have the same nerve endings after you’re cut. And I get that it’s important to some people [to have the nerve endings]. But I don’t think it’s an issue the government should step into.”
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Will Obama appoint an LGBT person as a cabinet member?

Capacinea Green-Barclay
security guard | Kensington
“Yes, he needs that expertise and help. He’s straight. He doesn’t have the experience to understand all the issues facing the LGBT community. But he realizes that he should do it, and I think he will.”
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What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?

Marina Barboza
student | Northern Liberties
“My family is coming to visit from Brazil. It’s not a holiday down there but they like the idea of Thanksgiving so they come up here to celebrate. There’s no change of season where they live so they really enjoy seeing the leaves changing colors on the trees.”
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Where is President Obama headed on LGBT issues?

Adam Donnelly
trucking contractor | Bristol, Pa.
“If the community makes enough commotion, he’ll fall in line and do their bidding. I like the guy. I think he’s going to change things. He’s hobbled by politics. But in my opinion, in his heart of hearts, he sincerely supports LGBT rights. He’s a good dude. If his constituency emphasizes the importance of LGBT rights, he’ll act on their behalf.”
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How did New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie handle Hurricane Sandy?

Allie Beik
student | New York City
“I’m a Democrat, and [I] don’t agree with Christie on all issues. But I think he did a great job in response to Sandy. He really got down and dirty among the wreckage. I was impressed with his personal one-on-one interactions with the victims.”
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