Street Talk

Was Dharun Ravi’s sentence fair?

Angela Ferreira
student | Bern, Switzerland
“Yes. More jail time isn’t the solution. He would be vulnerable to physical or sexual assault. I don’t think the time would be spent reflecting on what he did. He really needs psychological counseling. Someone needs to help him see the consequences of his actions.”
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Does it matter if Mitt Romney was a bully in his youth?

Sarah Gleason
student | Rittenhouse Square
“Yes, I think bullying is terrible. It’s not a right way to behave. That incident says a lot about Romney’s character. In my opinion, he’s egotistical and lacking in sensitivity. I would never, ever vote for him.”
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Does President Obama’s backing of gay marriage affect his re-election bid?

Peter Conches
store supervisor | South Philadelphia
“A lot of people will swing against him, especially in the Southern states. It will probably cost him the election. I’m glad he came out with it. But he was trying to grab votes. And it will backfire. He just lost the South and Midwest.”
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What’s your take on the short tenure of Romney’s openly gay spokesperson, Richard Grenell?

Amy Alcorn
student | South Philadelphia
“Romney should encourage people to be kind. People look up to him for guidance. He’s supposed to be a leader, but he fell short. [Grenell] was loyal to him, and became a staff person. Romney did him wrong.”
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Is passage of statewide LGBT civil rights more likely with Brian Sims’ victory?

Peggy Johnson
nursing student | Brooklyn, N.Y.
“No. Unfor-tunately, people aren’t ready for that type of change. This isn’t New York. His victory is a beautiful thing. He gets big-time credit for the achievement. But everyone isn’t as open and embracing as one would like. It’s sad.”
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Should President Obama issue an : executive order banning anti-LGBT bias : by federal contractors?

Ana Hartman
writer | Fairmount
“Yes, it’s a much-needed advance for the country. Obama has done a lot [for LGBTs], but he hasn’t done enough. I understand the frustration of the LGBT community. They should have the same rights as everyone else. But I don’t think Obama will do it because he sees it as a minor issue.”
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Do you agree with allowing a trans woman to compete in the Miss Universe pageant?

Kaheem Jackson
maintenance engineer | Willingboro, N.J.
“Yes. She’s put in quite an effort to become a woman. I give her credit for that. She’s gorgeous. She’s actually more attractive than the other competitors. She should get an equal shot at the crown. Fair is fair.”
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Is it appropriate to boycott Hershey : because the Milton Hershey school denied : admittance to an HIV-positive boy?

Ann-Marie Gover
dance student | Center City
“I’d support a mini-bocott. I do like Hershey’s chocolates. I couldn’t stop eating them indefinitely. But I’d do a mini-boycott for a limited period of time. Especially when I’m feeling socially conscious. It’s absolutely wrong to deny admittance to the young man.”
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