Street Talk

Is same-sex marriage analogous to miscegenation?

Michael Bellizzi
student | Washington Square West
“Yes. Either way, you’re born into something that you didn’t really choose. It’s still difficult for interracial couples to be accepted in society — just as it’s difficult for same-sex couples. The fight that interracial couples fought in the '50s is very similar to the legal battle for same-sex marriage today.”
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Should New Jersey hold a referendum on same-sex marriage?

Kevin Matthews
student | Queen Village
“No, that’s an issue for legislators. They’re more informed. It’s better to have experts decide such matters, because they understand the legal repercussions. With a referendum, you’d have some people voting in a biased manner. That would be unfortunate.”
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Is glitter-bombing an effective form of protest?

Holly Jackson
teacher | Mt. Airy
“Yes, because it grabs people’s attention. That’s the first step to bring about change. If I saw someone glitter-bombed on the news, I’d be laughing so hard. It’s better than throwing a shoe at someone.”
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Did Rick Santorum’s anti-LGBT stance help him in Iowa?

Morgan Chambers
sales associate | South Philadelphia
“I hope I’m right in saying no. Those ideas are outdated. I would hope it’s a negative for a candidate to be anti-LGBT. I’m an optimistic person. It doesn’t help a candidate to pander to people’s prejudices.”
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What's your New Year's resolution?

Emily Afflito
barrista | South Philadelphia
“Take my vitamins regularly. My parents insist that will keep me healthy. I’m 23 years old, and my parents still tell me what to do. They just want me to be healthy. They’re very concerned about my well-being. And [they’re] supportive emotionally.”
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Who’s the LGBT person of the year?

Jason Boyles
architecture intern | Queen Village
“Neil Patrick Harris. He’s a gifted actor, with great charisma. He truly deserved getting his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I think it’s great that he came out of the closet, even though he would inevitably be ridiculed.”
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