Street Talk

Should a transgender boy be allowed to join the Boy Scouts?

Christian Carpenter
canvasser | West Philadelphia
“Yes, if they identify as a boy, they should be fully accepted into the organization. However, I acknowledge the Boy Scouts are incredibly conservative. So I don’t think this will happen in the near future.”
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Should Bert and Ernie get married?

Peter King
artist | Washington Square West
“No, that would be going too far for a children’s show. I’m all for LGBT rights. But Sesame Street is definitely not the forum to make that point. It’s not a platform for social issues.”
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What LGBT site should get the next historical marker?

Emily Cruse
educator | Washington Square West
"Walt Whitman's home in Camden. 'Leaves of Grass' is fantastic. It's some of the most sensual poetry I've ever read. I have a very old copy from the 1940s, handed down by my grandfather."
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Should a job applicant come out on a resume?

Daniel Albertson
illustrator | Washington Square West
“It depends on the employer and the location. If it’s a very conservative company in a rural area, I probably wouldn’t indicate anything about my gayness. But if it would be an advantage, I’d include it. Include what helps, and leave out what’s detrimental.”
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Should there be a federal antibullying law protecting LGBT students?

Ashley Earley
nurse | Washington Square West
“Yes, it’s totally appropriate for the federal government to offer assistance. Nobody should be scared to go to school [because of bullying]. Unfortunately, a lot of school districts are ignoring the issue so the federal government has to step in."
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Will there be fallout due to the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"?

Craig Carty
HIV researcher | East London, South Africa
“Progress is always controversial. We’ll be hearing a lot from the right wing about the decline of family values. They’ll bemoan it on talk radio. For the most part, people will take it in stride — just like they do with any social change.”
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What are the chances of an LGBT candidate being elected to the state House of Representatives next year?

JoAnn Greco
journalist | Bella Vista
“Good to very good. There’s a lot of opportunity because there’s a lot of state-rep seats to be filled. Also, there are pockets of the state that are very liberal — parts of Philadelphia and parts of Pittsburgh. In those places, the chances would be very high.”
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What's the likelihood Obama will issue an executive order barring anti-LGBT bias in federal contracting?

Lorre Atlan
student | West Philadelphia
“Slim to non-existent. I don’t get the sense that Obama is pro-LGBT. He appealed to the LGBT community when he was running for office. But now that he’s on his way out, I don’t see him doing something like that. If anything, he’ll focus on the economy.”
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Did you do everything you wanted : to this summer?

Oskar Castro
nonprofit director | Southwest Philadelphia
"No. I wanted to take a tour of Afghanistan. It’s a war-torn country that needs a lot of attention. I’d like to see firsthand what’s happening on the ground, instead of relying on news from our government. The stories are too pro-war and not sympathetic enough to the Afghanis."
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What's your favorite thing to do with an out-of-town visitor?

Vanessa Banegas
student | Bella Vista
“Go to the Italian Market. It has a great community feel. You can get good deals —much less expensive than a grocery store. I like the experience of interacting with the outdoor environment. And there are good restaurants right in the vicinity.”
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