Street Talk

What do you think of entertainment figures running for office, such as Cynthia Nixon running for governor of New York?

Zachary Hughes-Summers
student | Germantown
“As long as they understand what they’re getting into and have a plan to make the world a better place, I’m all for it. If Donald Trump can be president, why can’t an entertainer be president? And don’t forget Ronald Reagan. He was an actor before going into politics.”
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Does the CEO of Mazzoni Center have to be LGBT to lead the agency effectively?

Daniel Bowles
personal trainer | Lawrenceville, N.J.
“Let’s be fair. Turning down someone simply because of their sexual preference or gender identity is discrimination. You have to look at the talent and intentions of the person. After all, this is America and everyone deserves an equal opportunity for employment.”
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Should there be an LGBT contingent in Trump's military parade in November?

Kathleen Caldwell
student | Center City
"I have mixed feelings. I disagree with a lot of Trump's policies, especially his dealings with minority groups. But he is our president. And we can't ignore him. If there's an LGBT military contingent that wants to march, they have my wholehearted support. Actually, the recognition could be beneficial to the concept of LGBT equality in the military."
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Would you vote for a candidate that accepted money from the NRA?

Imtiaz Alam
teacher | Gayborhood
"No. Gun violence is very prevalent in society. The NRA isn't helping to prevent deaths from gun violence. Therefore, I'd never vote for anyone who has anything to do with the NRA. The NRA has a lot of power. I'd like to see the NRA use their power for good."
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Who's your favorite lesbian in history?

Edward Beckerman
house painter | Novato, Calif.
“Moms Mabley. She was a funny woman. I have all of her albums. When I die, my children will get them. I need humor to get by in life. And Moms Mabley always made me laugh.”
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Should Amazon be headquartered in Philadelphia, despite a lack of statewide LGBT protections?

Chris Bey
home-health aide | South Philadelphia
"Yes. It will bring much-needed revenue to the state. The money could soften the burden experienced by members of the LGBT community in Pennsyl-vania. It won't give people everything they want, but it can bring some comfort. At least we'll get more money into the state."
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Should there be a national holiday honoring the LGBT movement?

Teya Crawford
student | Gayborhood
“Yes, I support that. The LGBT community has faced a lot of discrimina-tion. They’ve overcome many obstacles. A national holiday would be well-deserved. Also, it will raise awareness about LGBT issues. Everyone should be aware of the LGBT community.”
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