Street Talk

Should ICE be abolished?

Malcolm Burnley
writer | South Philadelphia
"Yes, ICE has many historical problems. It can't be salvaged. There's no way it can regain people's confidence. ICE strikes fear in people and doesn't make our country safer. It needs to be replaced with something more humane."
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Should the New York City Police Department apologize for its actions during the Stonewall uprising?

Emily Campbell
flight attendant | South Philadelphia
"Absolutely. It's never too late to apologize for something. The level of violence the police exerted was unconscion-able. It never should have happened. There was no reason for it. And I think the gesture would improve community relations with police."
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What's your opinion of PA state Rep. Brian Sims giving the finger to Vice President Mike Pence on Facebook?

Jay Baber
salesperson | South Philadelphia
"I wasn't a good thing. It's not a good image for the government. I don't think someone with that much power should be doing that. It shows he wasn't raised well. I wouldn't do something like that. It's not my demeanor."
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Should Pride parades revert back to being protest marches and demonstrations?

Izzy Castaldi
actor | Brooklyn, New York
“I would love to see Pride become more resistance-centered. I think it’s important to celebrate ourselves. But it’s also important to understand that much more work needs to be done for the marginalized people within the LGBT community — including trans people of color. We need to let people know we’re not OK with the current state of affairs.”
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What does it mean to you that Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain recently died due to suicide?

Isabella DeSandro
sales associate | Mayfair
“I was shocked. I really admire Kate Spade. I have a few of her clothing items. My friend heard about it right after some Kate Spade items [that] she purchased arrived in the mail. Unfortunately, people feel such pressure to keep up their brand and image that sometimes it results in suicide.”
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What do you appreciate most about Philly's LGBT community?

Sacha Downes
student | West Philadelphia
"They're very open-minded about things. I don't like being around closed-minded people. I'm straight. But I get bored easily when there's a lack of diversity. I value my relationships in the LGBT community. I see a lot of togetherness in the community."
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What's your reaction to Harvey Weinstein turning himself in on rape and sex-abuse charges?

Chelsea Meyers
design researcher | Queen Village
"Harvey Weinstein is entirely repulsive. What a dreadful man! I'm super delighted to see the #MeToo movement moving forward. But there are so many more men who need to be prosecuted, and not just for crimes against straight, white famous women — though their voices should be heard. But there is so much more that needs to be uncovered."
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Would you encourage a young female to join Scouts BSA?

Lesley Andricks
nursing student | Lancaster
“Yes. I think there would be more opportunities for a girl in Scouting rather than in Girl Scouts. There would be more opportunity for a girl to advance her skills and to become more well-rounded. Scouts equip people better than Girl Scouts would.”
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