Street Talk

Should the names of jurors in the Bill Cosby trial be released to the media?

Leah Bush
doctoral student | Baltimore, Md.
"No, not in this age of social media. Social media will harass and stalk them to no end. I can't get behind that. However, it would be nice if we could get a breakdown of the vote — not by naming the jurors, just by their juror number. In a free society, we have a right to at least that much information."
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What advocacy cause should Melania Trump promote?

Marissa Athar
nurse | Queen Village
"Disability rights. It's our next frontier. We've done LGBT rights. Now the disabled really need some protections. I saw [on TV] a man with cerebral palsy sucker-punched by someone, for no reason. That was so sad."
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How will you commemorate the Pulse shooting on the first anniversary?

Ellie Belcheff
marketing intern | West Philadelphia
"I'll make a point of going online to GoFundMe or some other website to see how I can contribute financially to a victims' fund. I'll also post the information on my Facebook page and encourage friends to donate to the Pulse victims and their families."
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What LGBT warrior should be honored on Memorial Day?

Jocelyn Kilpatrick
student | South Philadelphia
"All the fierce people who fought in the Stonewall riots, especially the transgender women of color who led the way. They never had an opportunity to serve in the armed forces but they were brave warriors, nonetheless."

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Will you read Caitlyn Jenner's new book?

Joseph Ament
account manager | Seattle, Wash.
“I'll read excerpts of it online but I'm not going to read the entire book. I usually don't read biographies. I'm more interested in fiction. I do think Caitlyn Jenner did a very brave thing, and it's great to have her as a spokesperson for the community. This is a time when the community needs a strong voice.”
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What's your opinion about repealing Obamacare?

Christopher Lowe
bartender | Gayborhood
"I'm worried that people with pre-existing conditions will no longer be able to afford health care because their premiums will increase. I'm also firmly opposed to any maximum lifetime benefit. If we're going to have an insurance system, you can't tell someone: ‘Sorry, your life is too expensive. You don't have health insurance anymore.’”
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Should the Pulse massacre be commemorated on a postage stamp?

Krystal Brackett
retail manager | Pennsport
"Yes. The LGBT community has very few honors at the federal level. It would be wonderful to have a stamp. Pulse was a national tragedy of epic proportions. A stamp is good, in my book. And if it gives Donald Trump a kick in the ass, I'm all for it."
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